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Produce reliable, punctual and technically skilled, entry-level employees for hard-to-fill positions.  Teach real skills for real jobs.

Job Placement

Job placement assistance for our graduates and within three years of graduation.

Upgrade skills

Advanced instruction for employees who work at Chicago-area businesses.

Technical Support and Consulting

We provide technical and manufacturing support for businesses.

Ex-Offender Stories

39 years old. Never had a job. Just out of jail.

I was paroled from prison when I was 39 years old. I had never had a job in my life. I had lived off of the crimes I committed and had already been incarcerated five times since I turned 18 and spent almost ten years in jail, including perhaps nine months in solitary. I realized that with my history my future promised many more years in prison or an early death, if I didn’t change my life. The first thing I had to do to make that change was to get a job. But the barriers to doing that were huge. I had no skills or work history.

Women in Machining

I was returning to Chicago as a 24-year-old woman and was considering re-enrolling in a community college and eventually completing a hospitality program that I had started years before. But I finally listened to myself and realized that my true desire was to learn a skill.

A Career Changer

In 2011, I was laid off from a small engine repair job with Cook County. Work was hard to find in Chicago, so I went to Texas, where I took a seasonal job at a golf course. When that ran out, I came back to Chicago.

Real Skills and Real Jobs

We help IMF graduates secure rewarding employment. We help local businesses meet their labor needs through employment of IMF graduates. Therefore, our continued operation is based on the success of both our students and local employers. This ensures that the training we offer is always for in-demand occupations and is always high-quality. We are a non-profit organization.