Student Services

Supportive services are available to assist students in satisfactorily completing training. These services include: placement, counseling, health referral, lunch room, locker rooms, designated study rooms, and lost and found. Students who meet the eligibility requirements of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) may also be eligible for child care services and a transportation allowance.

Placement Services


The purpose of IMF placement services is to help graduates get a job. Graduates are entitled to placement services at no additional cost. While IMF cannot guarantee employment to any graduate, we can provide contacts, guidance, and assistance in job search. Students must show a good faith effort and be an active participant in their own job search. Alumni are welcome to these services within three years of graduation.

Counseling Services


IMF staff provides referral for counseling and information services aimed at helping students achieve their personal, educational, and vocational goals. These services are provided to help the student successfully complete training. Students are encouraged to seek advice and counseling as the need arises.

Health Services

Health Services:

IMF does not maintain a health service office, but can refer students to local health service providers. The school is not authorized to dispense any medication (including aspirin).



Competency Records and Transcripts are provided, at no cost, for students who complete their training program. Requests must be submitted in writing to the IMF Director of Training.



Only one original certificate will be issued to each graduate upon meeting all requirements. A copy of this original certificate may be obtained at any time.

Financial Aid

IMF assists students in working out a financial plan that provides the funds needed to pay for the educational program. This is usually done using a combination of personal and public resources. Every effort is made to find a way for a qualified individual to finance his/her education. Programs currently available to eligible students in individual cases include:

Government Agencies

Tuition for eligible students may be paid to The Illinois Manufacturing Foundation by city, state, or federal job training agencies. Among these agencies are: The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois Department of Employment Security.